Sit. Stay. Play.


Hi! I'm Jeanette and have had a life full of caring for animals. I started professionally in 2019 after I had already worked for many friends and relatives with their pets. I was called on frequently to care for their pets when they were in need because I was trusted to know and do the right thing.

I decided to go out on my own after witnessing certain things I would not agree with as a pet owner or pet sitter.

I believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching and taking your pets care very seriously when under my watch. 

There's No Place like Home

Boarding at a kennel may be great for some, but for others it can cause a great deal of stress! Who wants a stressed out pooch? Your pets will get to stay at home with all the usual comforts while maintaining a steady routine and receiving personalized one on one care and attention!


I have been known to adopt the "tough ones" for myself, usually devoting myself to the animals with more demanding care or special needs. That's why we don't charge any extra for your special needs pet! They shouldn't have to pay for being sick and neither should you!


"Jeanette has a way with animals. I always go to her first when I need a sitter for my dogs." ~Marianne

"Jeanette, I don't know how to thank you enough for not only taking phenomenal care of my animals while I was away but you went above and beyond. From your very informative updates and brushing out the horses to making sure they had clean buckets for water and the play dates with the dogs and letting them out and spending quality time with them to make them feel safe while we were away. They were very happy and so pleased to be comforted while in their own home. I will highly recommended you to anyone who has any questions. Again thank you for treating my fur babies with so much love and compassion as if they were your own." ~Becky

"Thanks again for watching my three dogs for me last week! I enjoyed the daily updates from you and also seeing pictures of them throughout the day helped to ease my mind. I wanted to let you know I gave your name and email to two of my coworkers. They both have dogs and upcoming events where they will be out of town. Have a great night and I will be in touch in November as we discussed!" ~Lisa