In the beginning....

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It all started with my grandmothers parakeet. I was so little I could barely tie my own shoes but she asked me to take care of her prize possession. I took Sugar (or dumb-dumb, as my always hilarious grandfather used to call him), home and spent the weekend hanging out with a bird vs. with any human child. I fed him and watered him daily, cleaned his litter pans religiously (much to the disgust of some of my classmates who learned at school the following Monday about Sugar), and talked to him occasionally so he wouldn't feel lonely or scared in the absence of my grandmother. I covered him up at night and kept him on my dresser while I slept.

Added bonus, "Mom I can't do the dishes because I'm watching the Parakeet."

This became a trend through out the years. I was typically the 'go to' for people whenever they needed someone to watch over their bird, cat, dog, horse, donkey, beast. I volunteered my time to help out simply because I like helping and also for my love of animals.

I didn't think I would ever start my own pet sitting business, however. I would just continue to do favors as they came up. But after hiring several sitters for my own pets, and experiencing everything from "not quite satisfied" to "absolutely horrified" with some services, I decided to go out on my own. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of excellent sitters out there, congrats if you have found one that follows a strong code of ethics!

This is where I will share helpful tips and news about Pet Sitters of Maine, along with random short stories about life with animals.

Stay tuned!

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