I don’t think there is anything more heinous as a jealous cat. They can hold a grudge like nothing I have ever seen. When I told this story to my veterinarian, he gave me the “I don’t believe you” look then said the story demonstrated too much brain activity for a cat. Whatever dude…’s true.

When my husband and I met I had a Yellow Lab. He had a dog as well but also a weirdo cat who ran the entire neighborhood-and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This cat would get so bent out of shape with my dog that it turned into a month long ambush that only he could get away with.

My dog was of course, an angel on earth and never stepped out of line. So I found it odd when shortly after moving in together, Jake started acting out. He began getting on the sofa and knocking the pillows off, leaving tuffs of golden fur on the couch as evidence that my dog wasn’t the angel I had thought.

Also, he had begun getting into the dog food, which I found extremely shocking. This dog could stare at pile of sirloin all day and not touch it if he didn’t have permission. Now all of a sudden he is somehow able to get his giant paw under the handle of the dog food container, opening it and making a mess of dog food everywhere. This didn’t make any sense.

We playfully argued over who had the better dog…after all we both had the best dog on the planet and neither of them had ever acted out at this magnitude. I thought maybe one of the dogs is jealous of one of us humans, after all they were both used to having their owner all to themselves. One day it all became clear as I was folding laundry in the bedroom. You won’t believe this part….no one does….

The cat, came strutting into the bedroom as if he had something to prove, marched over to Jake’s dog bed on pointed toes with his head and tail up high. I watched this cat walk straight past me, into the dog bed and ROLL around in it. Once he had finished rolling around he got up and darted out of the bedroom. I followed him into the den where I saw the deviant jump onto the sofa and ROLL around, leaving tiny tuffs of golden Jake hair everywhere while simultaneously knocking the pillows off the couch. Once he felt he had sufficiently sabotaged my dog, he sat up, shook off and jumped down, walked straight past me once again as if nothing happened. I could not believe it. Neither could my husband when I told him, and neither can anyone else for that matter.

A couple weeks later we were putting up the Christmas tree. As we were decorating with the final touches the cat came bouncing into the room likely looking to be of some sort of assistance. He stopped next to the drawer that held all of the dog food that had since been locked up to keep whoever’s misbehaving dog out of it. I heard the scrape of the drawer opening and turned to see the cat put his teeny manipulative paw under the draw and pull it out!!!! I am not kidding! My husband looked at his perfect angel in awe as he took a bite of food, than began to dig in it like it was a litter box, throwing kibble all over the floor. He turned to admire his work then left the room, leaving the drawer open with dog food everywhere.

I have proof! Clearly my husband will see this now! I looked at him to see his face go blank, his mouth opened and closed, saying nothing. I pointed and looked from him to the dog food back and forth, also not talking. He pulled out another tree decoration saying only “Well…..” as if possessed by none other than Larry Appleton and continued with Christmas.

Clearly he wasn’t going to deal with this issue so before I went to bed that night I had a sit down with the cat. Whenever Jake got a treat, he would get a treat. Whenever Jake got scratched, he would get scratched, whatever Jake got, he would get. Within a couple of months Jake and the cat were so close that we would refer to him as the third dog. They ate together, they slept together, they even took walks together. We had an entire neighborhood commenting on us whenever we walked the dogs. People would video tape us walking down the road with two dogs and a cat.

The morning before Jake passed it was the cat who encouraged him to get out of bed and try to eat. He wouldn’t do anything unless the cat was involved. When Jake passed away I was so worried about the cat. He would cry out the windows and play with Jake’s old tennis ball and sleep in his bed. He would go throughout the house mewing at all hours, busting into the bedroom to check in his bed. It was hands down the saddest thing I had ever witnessed. We all eventually pulled thru but I will never forget the lengths that cat would go through to try to make Jake look bad, only to end up with the greatest Bromance I have ever seen.

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